Embodied Soft Skills Training

Leading trainings and facilitating groups is an art. Facilitators are continuously looking for tools and solutions to issues that show up during sessions. This handbook offer guidelines to facilitate groups through embodied experiences and towards developing soft skills.

Working with soft skills can be challenging due to their subjective nature and participants' lack of familiarity with embodied approaches. This handbook, together with the Soft Skills Mapping Tool and the Exercise Database provide a framework and method for creating successful and effective soft skills training.

Embodied Soft Skills Training handbook is for educators who want to put themselves in the frontier of the soft skills training landscape. The handbook uses clear language to support you in each aspect of facilitating groups.

Embodiment and somatics are the perfect match for facilitating development of soft skills. Use this material together with the accompanying Exercise Database to build great experiences which people both enjoy and learn from.

Accept the invitation and dive deeper into embodied practices to develop your own soft skills while supporting others to do the same.

Embodied Soft Skills Training - Handbook

The handbook introduces key concepts, guidelines and suggestions for creating and facilitating successful training.

Embodied Soft Skills Training - Handbook

The handbook is also available in German, Finnish, Latvian, and Polish.

Exercise database

A collaboratively created collection of exercises to easy the process of creating Embodied Soft Skills training

Collection of exercises (print) How to use the database (2min video) Exercise database (full screen) Contribute to the database