Soft Skills Mapping Tool

The Soft Skills Mapping Tool is an intuitive and relaxed medium for exploring, reflecting and understanding soft skills and the effects of their presence or absence.

Identify the needs of a client, a team, a group or your own. What role do your soft skills play in your profession? What does a certain team, group or individual need, in terms of soft skills, for achieving their mission? These are only some of the questions that the Soft Skills Mapping Tool will help you to answer.

The Mapping Tool offers a process that can be used to understand which soft skills are the most important for a person’s profession, to identify and understand their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for further development.

Although created with a facilitator in mind, the Tool can nonetheless be used as a self-reflection process.

Soft Skills mapping can be a first step in a longer soft skills development process. Use it together with the Embodied Soft Skills Training Handbook to prepare a training programme that will best benefit the participants!

Soft Skills Mapping Tool - Handbook

The handbook introduces key concepts about the Mapping Tool and explains how to conduct a Soft Skills Mapping Session.

Soft Skills Mapping Tool - Handbook

The handbook is also available in German, Polish, Finnish, and Latvian.

Soft Skills Mapping Tool

This is the Mapping Tool itself in a PDF which you can print and cut out the individual pieces. Use it to conduct Soft Skills Mapping sessions.

Soft Skills Mapping Tool (color) Soft Skills Mapping Tool (black-white)

Visual instructions for the Mapping session

The visual instructions can be a handy and provide an easy way to remember the flow of a Soft Skills Mapping session.

Mapping session visual instructions

Bridging Template:
Mapping session -> Embodied training

This template supports the processing a Mapping session and using it as a foundation for creating an Embodied Soft Skills Training.

Bridging Template (color) Bridging Template (black-white)

Soft Skills Mapping Session - How to (6min video)